Here is the 2021 HOTEBIKE Series. You can enjoy this feature-rich, step-through, comfort oriented city electric bicycle that comes with a long-range, removable battery. All the benefits of the city ebike make it an ideal vehicle for improving commuting experiences. In my opinion, it is an excellent means of transportation. With Pure Electric Mode (thumb throttle) and Intelligent Pedal Assist Mode (combine throttle and PAS) as well as Pure Manual Mode (pedaling) you can handle whatever road conditions you encounter and it is easy to choose how you like to ride. With Shimano 21-Speed gears, you can tailor the performance of your ride to ensure comfort. You will have more torque at your disposal for treacherous uphill climbs and will maintain pedal authority at maximum speed with a wider range of gearing to choose from. Frame made of high-grade aluminum alloy, own mold, independent design, patent. The aluminum alloy frame is lightweight and durable. You can buy best electric bicycle at cheap prices cuase right now electric bicycle for sale with huge discount on HOTEBIKE website.
To make the bike frame more stable and to make it look more appealing, we conducted a great deal of experimental research. You will find all the information you require right on the easy-to-read LCD screen, so you can focus on the road in front of you. Displays the following information: riding speed, single and accumulated mileage, riding time, power assist level, motor power and temperature, and battery voltage and charging status. Having an accurate reflection of the battery power and real-time record of energy consumption, you can easily know when to recharge the battery. With an LCD display backlight and LED headlight switch control, you can easily turn on the light and have a peaceful night ride. A sensing brake system during emergency braking. Designed to provide smooth braking performance.